During my 12 years of experience online and 6 years in solo ads 

I’ve seen it all…
…the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Since you’re on this page, you probably have an idea on what solo ads are. It’s the traffic (clicks) generated by sending emails to a list of subscribers interested in your particular niche.
This Is Not Just Random Solo Ad Traffic.

I am known in the industry to introduce new ideas and the newest and best converting strategies to generate quality clicks, use variety of traffic sources and leave buyers in my subscriber lists.

I also use the latest bot prevention & detection methods as well as list cleaning services, strategies and software.
You will receive at least 85% of the traffic from the so-called tier 1 countries: USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia, meaning rich, English-speaking countries, to maximize the potential of a sale
My mission is to deliver world-class quality.

I know what it is like when you buy traffic from a vendor, company or even a well known trusted source and things do not seem quite right.

We also know all the “dirty secrets” that plague the traffic industry.
This is not just nasty things such as bots, but spammy emails and spammy ways people grow their list, as well as people who keep sending clicks to other solo ad sellers over and over again decreasing your chances of sales.
WARNING: This is not for everyone!
I have the largest testimonials online ANYWHERE!
I know Traffic and I understand how to make traffic convert!
I have spent over 1 million on buying traffic.  From PPC (AdWords And Bing) to SEO, I have used and continue to use the best methods to build my list.
I speak about traffic and online marketing on events including for opportunities like MyDotComBusiness

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