Super Affiliate System review

Affiliate marketing has been trending for quite some time. John Crestani Super Affiliate System is a 6-week course that teaches online marketers on how to collect affiliate commissions by generating money through products that you do not own.

The program covers 50 hours of video tutorials and step by step templates for beginners. The main idea behind this system is to create a landing page that converts traffic to buyers and ensure that you earn commissions for every sale.
Before we review the Super Affiliate System, let’s look at the man behind it all.

Who is John Crestani?

John Crestani is an internationally renowned expert in internet marketer and also the creator of the Super Affiliate System. His expertise includes digital marketing, conversion optimization, business development, and Google AdWords.

Apart from creating the program, he has taken upon himself to teach other marketers how they can gain from affiliate marketing. He teaches by demonstrating how he built his online business from scratch to $5 million per year. When advertising, he shows his properties, including high-end cars, vacation destinations, and other items he has acquired to attract marketers.

As a result, many people buy the program without laying all the facts and understand whether it is a good opportunity or not.

Here is everything about John Crestani Super Affiliate System that you should know.

1. What is the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System is a premium course created by John Crestani that teaches marketers how to get money online through affiliate marketing.

The system came out in 2015, and it includes landing pages, affiliate network referrals, ads, and emails. Additionally, once you join, you get weekly coaching by John Crestani. Today, the program has 42 informational and 34 tutorial videos that give step by step guidelines on how to achieve goals.

The Super Affiliate System teaches on:

How his marketing strategy works.
How he markets to gain more traffic online.
How he presents his ads.
How he creates video marketing.
How he went from $0 to earning $700,000 monthly.
A template for users to start with, in order to get similar results.

2. What is Included in the Course?
Here is an overview of the six weeks training program.

Week 1- System set up
Week 2- Selecting your niche
Week 3- Advanced marketing skills
Week 4- Facebook and Google advertising
Week 5- YouTube Ads
Week 6- Scaling and Automation.

3. Who is Super Affiliate System For?

The system is ideal for those who want to make money online, but it is also an excellent program for affiliate marketers who want to increase their earnings. It is user-friendly, making it easy to follow for beginners and those that are experienced.
The Super Affiliate System is best for:

Those that are ready to follow what he has done and make it their own.
Marketers who know about web design, copywriting, and website conversion for their ads.
People with online businesses and willing to learn new techniques.
Those people who are ready to pay for ads.
People who want to understand the affiliate marketing industry well.

4. How to Get Started with Super Affiliate System?

To join the program, you are required to pay $997 one-time or pay a 3-months installment of $397. After purchase, there are no monthly fees, and you are entitled to your weekly webinars from John Crestani. As a new member, you do not get a free trial but comes with a 30 days money guarantee. As a beginner, you will need a site and domain name.

Once you become a member, you enjoy a community. There is free access to a private Facebook group. The group was created specifically for customers and had over six thousand members. In the group, members share their success with others to motivate them. Furthermore, group members get help from John whenever they are stuck.

5. Is the John Crestani Super Affiliate System Legit?

Overall, the course is legitimate and offers helpful information for marketers who want to create captivating ads for their affiliate marketing business. If you are willing to learn everything and implement, you will truly benefit from this program. However, if you are not ready to learn, you should not take the course.

Therefore, the Super Affiliate System is legit and not a scam. John Crestani, the creator, teaches his students on the best products that help him build his successful online business empire. This has made him feature in various media outlets, including Forbes, AOL Finance, and Business Insider.

6. Benefits of Super Affiliate System

Affiliate marketing, when done well using the right tools, is a good way of increasing your income. Here are the benefits of the Super Affiliate System and why you should start the course.

Easy to use through a step-by-step guide on paid advertising for your online business.
Comprehensive course with tons of useful advice, tips, and methods.
The ability to get quick results when you follow the steps.
The course has downloadable landing pages that you can use on your website.
John is a good instructor and does not rush but takes time to explain everything.
There is a genuine money-back guarantee after 60 years.
You get coaching from other experts in the industry.
Offers reliable customer support through phone, emails, and Facebook groups.
Members enjoy bonuses

7. The Cons of Super Affiliate System

While the Super Affiliate System offers a lot of values to affiliate members, there are a few cons of this course that you need to know before joining.

The cost of the course is quite high, especially for those who are experienced in affiliate marketing.
After taking the affiliate marketing course, you will need to pay for paid advertisements, which are costly.
There are few optional upsells in the system.


8. Final Thoughts

The Super Affiliate System training focuses on earning money through affiliate marketing using paid ads. If you don’t mind about a budget, and you want to make money quickly, you should consider the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani.

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