The Funnel  is the heart of your marketing campaign. This is the section that sends out the information and emails to those who requested them. The Funnele will not send out your advertising emails to those who have not requested them.

Here are the steps you need to follow in building your Funnele:

1. Choose a product or service that you want to sell or promote and make sure that it has been reviewed by the authorities. Your Funnele will have information about the product that you need to include in your email campaign.

2. Get an autoresponder which will send out your emails for you. Your Funnele will have an email address that will auto respond to your client when they put in the email address that they are requesting information from you to send them.

3. Send out the information you have requested and voila! You will have a Funnele ready to roll and your advertising campaign will be in full flow.

Here are a few tips in ensuring the success of your advertising campaign:

1. Send out the information that you have requested from your autoresponder. Your Funnele will have an email address that will auto respond to your clients when they put in the email address that they are requesting information from you. Remember to do this every time.

2. If you use a social network like Facebook then send your information out to your followers or members. Their response will help you measure the success of your campaign.

3. Remember to do this a few days after you sent the client the email. Don’t forget to follow up your emails with a newsletter.

The money is in the list. There are many email marketing services and software which will help you build a massive, targeted email list. The Funnele is the heart of your advertising campaign. The money is in the amount of subscribers you have on your email list. If you build a massive, targeted, email list the money is in the results you get. A huge, targeted, email list can make you a lot of money. Always remember to make them responsive and happy with your products and services. The email marketing service will also help you to send these emails.

We’re always working on ways to make your email marketing campaign more effective. If you’re interested in getting more money through your email campaigns then keep reading. Today we’re going to talk about how to make the email marketing service more responsive.

We’re going to focus on three major elements of email marketing service to make it more responsive to the recipients.

Emails Subject Line

The subject line is the most important part of your email. It’s the first thing people will see when they read your email. And it’s what they will remember when they open the email. The first thing that will come in their inbox is the sender. This will show their email as “From” line. From should be in all emails. It’s because you want to make sure that people don’t associate your email with you. That they will be thinking: “hey I got this email from (your company name).” This way they won’t even open your email. So make sure you put your name in all of your email.

But what to put in the subject line of your email. There are tons of subject lines you can choose from. But in the beginning you need something that matches your business name. In order to avoid this problem you should write a short subject line that matches the name of your business. This way people will remember your name, even if they delete your email. In other words: they will recall something they got from you.

The Subject Line should be relevant to content of your email. The best way to make it relevant is to make it very short. And keep it simple. Make it not too personal, or too commercial. This way people will still open your email. But be careful not to make it too long. If it’s too long people will miss the first line. And it will make them think: “I have to read more”. I can give you examples of wrong Subject Lines.

* Make it wrong with a commercial slogan in the subject line: “What do your customers need”.
* Make it wrong with a political slogan: “Don’t let the FCC stop you”.
* Make it wrong with: “Save 50% on all your orders”.

Sender’s address

There is an important requirement here. Your email needs to be sent from a valid address. Why? Because you want to make sure people don’t put it in their spam folder. The problem is when people put your email address into their spam filter. This will cause your email to be delivered to the spam folder. When this happens people will have to manually choose another email address to use.

When people make a mistake, this will make you very angry.

It will make you think they don’t care about your business, and they want to ruin your business. And that is your goal. To make them think you don’t care about their business.

Make it wrong with something personal. I’m from Michigan, and when you send a personal email you are being more personal than when you use a business email. I will have fun when I’m reading your email. You will feel good.

Create confusion with your subject lines and content. For example: “Did you know this happened in my office”. You know when you get that email, you are going to be confused.

Don’t send an email with a political slogan in the subject line. It will upset people. Even if you don’t believe in politics, you don’t want to send an email that will offend someone. But if you believe in politics, then write something political.

A better way is: “Do you think that the big banks are doing enough to protect American families?”

People will respect you more, and also it makes them think about your business. And that is your goal: To make them think about your business.

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