12 minute affiliate review

12 Minute Affiliate Review – SCAM or 100% Legit?

Before I begin this review, I want to say a couple of things about the guy behind the 12 Minute Affiliate system.

He’s Devon Brown, a successful and well-known internet marketer, and an overall cool guy. You might know Devon from one of the other products of his called Webcopycat, which was extremely popular for some time. Nevertheless, traffic to the website appears to be non-existent and I don’t know whether it’s still supported or in case he’s abandoned it.

One reason I respect Devon in the online marketing scene is that he doesn’t launch product after product and doesn’t bombard your email address with multiple offers a week. I follow him on social media and he does appear to genuinely want to help folks by removing as many obstacles as possible so they’ve probably the best chance at success in affiliate marketing.

As I shall clarify, this may not always be the best way forward, especially for newbies who are the primary target of the 12 Minute Affiliate system.


What’s The 12 Minute Affiliate?

This’s an updated review of the 12 Minute Affiliate System, as Devon is very committed to its success he constantly strives to improve it so that more people have a better chance at success with this system.

The 12 Minute Affiliate system is actually’ done for your business in a box’ product type. Basically, depending on what membership level you purchase, you are going to get access to one or perhaps a set of complete sales to funnel that allows you to create a contact list and hopefully make money by promoting services or products specific as an affiliate.

It’s known as the 12 Minute Affiliate since it claims that you are able to get set up with the system in as little as 12 minutes and start earning commissions. The very first part is actually true, I got set up immediately but earning commissions does not come as easy.

Final Thoughts

12 Minute Affiliate is actually a good program that allows you to easily set up affiliate sales funnels and start to earn money online. Nevertheless, it is not as simple to make money with it as the sales page suggests, there’ll be a massive learning curve especially in case you are a newbie.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t recommend this particular product to a newbie since it provides a false impression of how you can create an affiliate marketing business. I do think in case you wish to make a genuine online business, it’s best to figure out how to do all this stuff yourself, you will get a better understanding of the way the business works and you get to learn useful skills.

These types of done for your products (and there are actually a lot of them despite what it claims on the sales page as being revolutionary) are best suited for individuals who have a little experience within this industry and know exactly how to run paid advertising campaigns.

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